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Survival in Our Own Land: ‘Aboriginal’ experiences in ‘South Australia’ since 1836

by: told by Nungas and others, edited by Christobel Mattingley
published by: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Survival in Our Own Land presents history in South Australia originally and powerfully from the Nunga, the Aboriginal, point of view. In prose and poetry, almost one hundred and fifty Nungas tell how they have been affected by the Goonya, European, invasion and by Goonya law and policy. Nunga stories have rarely been recounted in history books. Many are told for the first time in this book. Extracts from unpublished archival documents are also included to illustrate Goonya attitudes and actions, which have caused the death of many Nungas and the destruction of much of Nunga culture.

RRP: $39.95
Website: www.scholarly.info

First published in 1988 by Wakefield Press, Adelaide.


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