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The Thin Red and Blue Lines: A history of the military and police presence in the Blue Mountains bet

by: Peter Chinn
published by: Springwood Historical Society

The first part of this history is devoted to the military presence in the Blue Mountains when eight soldiers provided a guard for a party of convicts undertaking the surveying of William Cox's road. The military subsequently were responsible between 1815 and the 1830s for control of the Western Road and guarding the convict stockades. The second part begins with military police between 1829 and 1862, who were followed by civil police based at stations in 14 areas across the mountains from Emu Plains to Hartley. The book is illustrated with photographs, drawings and maps.

RRP: $30 plus $7 postage

Contact: Springwood Historical Society
PO Box 387, Springwood 2777


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