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Made in Queensland – A New History

by: Ross Fitzgerald, Lyndon Megarrity and David Symons
published by: University of Queensland Press

'Made in Queensland' charts the growth of Queensland from its formal separation from New South Wales in 1859 to its recent history, highlighting Queensland's people, politics, events and greatest achievements.

From Queensland’s early colonial ambitions to the impact of two World Wars and the arrival of international events such as Expo ’88 and the Commonwealth Games, 'Made in Queensland'examines the emergence of today's multicultural society and technology-driven economy.

It sheds new light on little understood aspects of Queensland public life including the state’s role in Federation, the evolving education system, technology and multiculturalism.

'Made in Queensland' examines Queensland’s strong regional and cultural diversity. As well as prominent and well-known identities, it reveals the history, lives and attitudes of ordinary citizens and what it means to be a Queenslander today.

RRP: Limited hardcover edition - $59.95
Paperback - $45.00

Website: www.uqp.com.au


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