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Body at the Melbourne Club

by: David Burke
published by: Wakefield Press

Bertram Armytage, son of a wealthy squatter, a popular sportsman who rowed for Cambridge, was the first Australian-born member of an Antarctic expedition. An expert horseman, he was given charge of the ponies in Ernest Shackleton’s great 1907–1909 expedition, narrowly escaping the jaws of killer whales. In London he was decorated by royalty, but on coming home to Australia he went to his part-time city residence, the exclusive Melbourne Club, put on his dinner suit and polar medals and, at the age of 41, shot himself.

Little was left to document his life, neither diary, letters nor notes. This biography traces the enigmatic life of an unsung explorer, providing a new perspective on one of the great polar expeditions.

RRP: $27.95


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