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Fred Wolseley - A Man of Many Parts

by: Ian Itter
published by: Australian Short Run Publications

Frederick York Wolseley came to Australia from Ireland, and became a respected pastoralist and Squatter in the New South Wales Riverina, southern Queensland and the western regions of New South Wales. He had an inventive and enquiring mind, and went on to become the creator of the first practical sheep shearing machine in Australia. He was a pioneer in the drilling of the great Artesian Basin and is the man that launched Herbert Austin into his life as the creator of one of the first English motor cars.

After being dismissed from the Wolseley Sheep Shearing Machine Co of England he returned to Australia and became involved in rural activities again by acquiring a property in the NSW Blue Mountains with his nephew. This book details his marriage and the final return trip to England where he died in 1899.

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