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Sydney Cove Journal: 20 January - 11 July 1788

by: George Worgan
published by: The Banks Society

George Worgan sailed with Governor Arthur Phillip as surgeon on the Sirius, and was a careful recorder of the efforts to establish the fledgling colony of New South Wales.

Worgan's journal, written while he was in Sydney Cove, is acknowledged to be one of the most important eyewitness accounts of the arrival of the First Fleet.

Worgan was present at many of the first encounters between the Aboriginal people and the Europeans, and he recorded Phillip's address to the convicts on their arrival. He also took part in many of the first exploratory journeys into the interior.

His descriptions of the inhabitants, the native fauna, flora and landscape are full of the sense of wonder, surprise and sometimes amusement experienced by the first Europeans.

140 pages, 14 illustrations.
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