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Jewels in the Crown - A History of the Bridge Street Plan Room and Crown Plans 1788 - 2008

published by: NSW Department of Lands

The Bridge Street Plan Room in Sydney is of historical significance due to the architectural history of the building, its connection with land settlement and surveying in NSW, the room itself and the records within the room. The Room holds the State's collection of almost one million original Crown Plans, beginning with the first Crown land grant to James Ruse in 1792.

Great figures of colonial exploration such as Mitchell, Oxley, Evans and Meehan have contributed to the plan room, and surveys such as the route over the Blue Mountains and the design plans for all towns in New South Wales including Sydney feature in the collection.

To ensure these Crown Plans are always available, the Department of Lands has embarked on a project to preserve and digitally scan the plans to be archived with State Records.

The plan room is in the original Department of Lands building in Bridge Street, Sydney, which features the statues of people involved in the exploration of the colony and parliamentarians responsible for promoting settlement.

'Jewels in the Crown - A History of the Bridge Street Plan Room and Crown Plans 1788 - 2008' has been produced as part of the scanning project, preserving the unique history of the building, the BSPR and the plans.


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