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The Adventures of Henry Dent: Farmer, Poet, Gold Digger, Sawyer

by: Cathy Smith
published by: AuthorHouse

An inscription on a memorial stone in the churchyard of All Saints Church Bolton in Cumbria led Cathy Smith to investigate the life of farmerís son Henry Dent, who died in Van Diemenís Land in January 1854, aged 27. Using Henryís poems and letters, Cathy has reconstructed Henryís brief but adventurous life.
Not content with the farming life, Henry visited London in 1851 to see the Great Exhibition, then set sail from Liverpool for Melbourne, Australia. His letters describe his voyage and his experiences at the goldfields of Mount Alexander where he had some success in striking gold. From there he travelled to Van Diemenís Land, where he began to export produce to Melbourne to service the goldfields and set up a timber cutting business on the Huon River. It was left to his companion Henry Richardson to describe the devastating forest fire in which he lost his life.

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