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Family History Group of Bathurst Inc
Information: The aims of the Group (as taken from their Constitution) are: '(i) To assist members in their Family History research. (ii) To assist non-members in their Family History research within the facilities provided by the Group at rates to be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time. (iii) To provide a local genealogical source centre for the housing of accumulated aids to research. (iv) To hold meetings to foster friendships and exchange knowledge and expertise in research techniques. (v) To arrange speakers, displays etc. for the benefit of members and the general public. (vi)To welcome new members, and keep all members fully informed of Group activities. (vii) To publish a newsletter at regular intervals and other literature as required for the information of members and other people. (viii)To enter into any arrangements with any Government or authority supreme, municipal, local or otherwise, that may be conducive to the Group's objects or any of them; and to obtain from any such Government or authority any rights, privileges and concessions which the Group may think it desirable to obtain; and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions. (ix)To affiliate or enter into friendly co-operation with other societies either within or outside Australia having objects wholly or in part similar to the objects of this Group.'
Publications: General meetings of the Family History Group are held the third Saturday of the month, except in January, starting at 2 pm at the Bathurst Regional Library meeting Room, Keppel Street, Bathurst. Other special events are organised throughout the year and will be published on the Group's website.
Events: The Group’s journal, Carillon Chimes, is published during the second week of February, April, June, August, October and December each year. They are available to be viewed on the Group's web site. Other items for sale (CDs) are: BFHG Databases: (1 CD FOR MEMBERS ONLY) $20 • Bathurst Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions • District Cemeteries Index • BFHG Members Interests • Kelso Parish School Roll 1862-1882 • Carillon Chimes Index • 1885 Bathurst Landholders • Goldfields Residents 1872 • Holy Trinity Graves • Greville’s 1872 PO Directory for Bathurst • BFHG Library Catalogue. Bathurst & Kelso NSW Burials, Cremations & Headstones 1817-2003 $55 Order forms are available on the Group's website.
Contact: Bill Deeley (President)

PO Box 1058
Bathurst NSW 2795



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