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Friends of Linnwood
Information: Linnwood (at 25 Byron Road, Guidlford) was built in 1891 by Mr George McCredie and is situated on 11 acres of land at Guildford. Following the sale of the property by the McCredie family, for up to 80 years until the late 1980s the property was home to many female State Wards. In 2002, the local community saved the property from development and in February 2003 Linnwood was listed on the NSW State Heritage Register. The Friends of Linnwood aim: (1) to protect and preserve Linnwood and its grounds for future use by the community; (2) to ensure no development accurs on the estate that would threaten the historical and environmental significance of the site; (3) to lobby the State Government for long term funding for maintenance and management of the site; and (4) to actively promote Linnwood as a community asset.
Events: The Friends of Linnwood hold Open House a number of times during the year, to raise money for restoration and to promote awareness to local and other communities (refer to the Calendar of Events on our website for details). Linnwood is available for group tours (with morning or afternoon tea), and is also available for hire by community groups for meetings, workshops, exhibitions etc. Speakers are also available to community groups.
President Phone: 02 9632 9203
Secretary Phone: 02 9807 3224
Contact: Dorothy Warwick (President); Helen Olde (Secretary)

POSTAL: PO Box 361
Merrylands NSW 2160



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