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Quirindi & District Historical Society Inc
Information: The Society (founded 1960) aims to encourage the study of the history of Australia and of Quirindi and the surrounding area in particular; to promote the compilation of historical records of the district; to acquire and preserve written records and objects relevant to the Quirindi district.
Publications: The Society began publishing local history in 1965, with a journal ('Historical Notes'). Twelve journals were published (up to 1975) after which books on local history were published. Books include: 'Community Health Care in the Quirindi District' by E. Pengilley; 'The Upper Mooki' by H.R. Carter; 'The Quipolly Valley' by M. Scott; 'Wallabadah' by R. Croker; 'Between Creeks' by M Powell; 'Across the Plain' by M McGavin; 'Werris Creek' and 'Carrabobila' by S.H. Ware; 'Quirindi 2000' (photographic) by G. Collins; 'Old Timer's End' (poetry) by K. Preston; and 'Quirindi in the 19th Century How a Town Began', 'Quirindi 1900-1919 Confidence and Patriotism', 'Quirindi 1919-1939 Between the World Wars', 'Quirindi 1939-1950 Courage and Commitment', 'Quirindi 1950-1966 A Time of Development', 'Quirindi 1966-1990 Years of Change' all by D. Durrant.
Events: An exhibition at the Historical Cottage during History Week in September - each year a different theme.
Contact: D. Durrant (Hon. Archivist)
Phone: 02 6760 9634

PO Box 279
Quirindi NSW 2343



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