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Governor Macquarie's Tour to the New Discovered Country 19 September, 2012
When Tasmania ruled the writing world ... and challenged Hollywood 19 September, 2012
Selected memories: Steele Rudd and a bygone era 22 December, 2011
Changes afoot at Canowindra 22 December, 2011
Cockatoo Island – captured in sandstone 28 September, 2011
A nation subdivided 16 February, 2011
WONNERUP: a chronicle of the south-west 18 January, 2011
JONDARYAN – pastoral empire of the Darling Downs 03 December, 2010
The story of Burning Mountain 19 October, 2010
Wireless across the Strait 26 August, 2010

Noteworthy People

Ned Searle, Larrikin Digger Hero of the Somme 23 November, 2013
Sir John Gellibrand: Tasmanian war hero 16 April, 2013
Yuranigh: 'guide, companion, councillor and friend' 10 January, 2013
W A Cawthorne and the teaching profession in South Australia 10 April, 2011
William Thwaites: the engineer who changed Melbourne 25 February, 2011
George Adams: Sweeping Tasmania into the 20th Century 24 December, 2010
Martha Hayes: first lady of Risdon Cove 24 December, 2010
Robert Dowling: an original Australian artist 02 November, 2010

Voices from the past

The Adventures of Henry Dent 28 September, 2011
Caroline Denison - A Lady at Government House 29 November, 2010

Australian Heritage Magazine

Winter 2010

TitlePage number
Australia's front line: the bombing of Darwin 49
Heritage Forum Winter 2010
In Search of Sir George Hubert Wilkins 25
Lachlan Macquarie: a Governor of vision 30
Lake Killalpannina: contact and culture shock 75
Old Schools Triumphant: The Fossil Fish of Burrunjuck 36
Red-back spiders: an Aussie outhouse icon 22
Science, Sex and Sabotage: the great rabbit debate 57
St Paulus: a plane of many missions 19
The Catalpa Rescue: Escape from a ‘Living Tomb 10
The Chirnsides of Werribee Park 42
The Pilots of Port Phillip Bay 14
Thomas Huxley and the voyage of the Rattlesnake 42
Wire to the World: the Overland Telegraph Line 69


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